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Australian naval history and Dacre Smyth

Collecting military and war titles has always been a popular book collecting pastime, and a sub-genre of that category is Australia's maritime history. This month I've listed dozens of books that fit this category including most of artist Dacre Smyth's back catalogue.

Smyth was an interesting character - the Melbourne society retired naval go-to guy of the 80s and 90s. A proud and privileged Toorak identity, his annual art exhibitions always proved popular and reproductions of those exhibitions in book form (with his accompanying doggerel almost an afterthought) were also eagerly snapped up.

When Smyth wasn't painting, he was signing - an unsigned Smyth book is worth more than a signed one, according to an old bookseller's joke! All of my listings contain his characteristic flourish up front.

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